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PLAY FAMILY and LITTLE PEOPLE sets by Fisher-Price Toys

no. 916 Zoo accessory
no. 916 zookeeper

no. 923Play Family School accessories
no. 923 4 passenger whirl-around

no. 930 Play Family Action Garage
This set was played with in the 70's!
The Parking Garage and Garage Lift to this set had been broken and thrown out.

no. 930 no. 930 no. 930 no. 930

no. 934 Western Town accessories
no. 934 Sheriff no. 934 Bad Guy no. 934 Lady no. 934 Indian

no. 938 Sesame Street
© 1974 Fisher-Price Toys.
The building is approximately 11" tall.
Building has a carrying handle and opens up to form Sesame Street setting
with Mr. Hoopers store, alleyway, and apartment building.
no. 938 front view no. 938 back view
no. 938 opened view no. 938 opened view, back side

no. 938 Ernie && Bert no. 938 Mr. Hooper

no. 938 Cookie Monster no. 938 Big Bird no. 938 Oscar no. 938 Gordon no. 938 Susan

no. 940 Sesame Street Extras
© Muppets, Inc. 1972-1973
Set also includes Grover, and Roosevelt Franklin.

no. 940 Herry Monster no. 940 Snuffle-upagus no. 940 Sherlock Hemlock no. 940 The Count no. 940 Prairie Dawn

no. 952 Play Family House
© 1969, 1980 Fisher-Price Toys.
This House has approximately a 15" x 9" footprint.
Masonite base, wood/litho and plastic/litho walls, and plastic roof.
Doorbell rings, front door opens, and garage door opens.

no. 952 front view no. 952 back view
no. 952 opened view

no. 985 Happy Houseboat
© '72 Fisher-Price Toys.
This Houseboat has approximately a 13" x 7" footprint.

no. 985 Happy Houseboat

no. 991 Music Box Lacing Shoe
and accessory
© 73 Fisher-Price Toys.
Shoe is approximately 9" tall and 9" long.
Base, wheels and roof are wooden.
Shoe top and sides are plastic covered with paper lithos.
When nob at top is turned it plays music...
"There was an old woman, who lived in a shoe..."
As the music plays a cylinder inside the shoe turns
and different pictures can be seen through the clear windows.

no. 991 Music Box Lacing Shoe
The front of the shoe flips up and three little people can ride inside.
no. 991 Music Box Lacing Shoe
The shoe came with a white and red braided lace and three wooden little people.
Only one is shown.

no. 991 boy

no. 991 Play Family Circus Train
© 73 Fisher-Price Toys.
This train actually was 4 cars long. It also came in a 3 car version.
This train is missing the cage car and the flatbed car.
When the yellow smoke stack on the top of the engine is pressed, the train toots.
Also, when pushed along, the engine clicks.
no. 991 engine no. 991 caboose

no. 993 Play Family Castle base
© '74 Fisher-Price Toys.
This Castle has approximately a 16" x 12.5" footprint.
The highest tower is approximately 14" tall.
This two-story castle has spring flag, trap door, secret entrance,
secret room behind movable stairs, and moving draw bridge.

no. 994 Play Family Camper
© '72 Fisher-Price Toys.
This set was played with in the early 70's and is very worn.
When pushed along, the people in the front seat jiggle.
no. 994 no. 994
These are the five all plastic little people which came with this set.
The faces are rubbed, the edges of all pieces are jagged with wear, and the boys hat is missing it's visor.
These toys were definately well loved.
no. 994 no. 994 no. 994 no. 994 no. 994
some of the accessories for no. 994.
Missing from this set is the BBQ and white sink.

no. 994 boat no. 994 bike
no. 994 hot dog table and four captains chairs no. 994 umbrella table
no. 994 red ladder no. 994 white toilet

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